Sunday 25 August 2013


I can't figure out which is which!

 A lot of people mention my eyes, and how 'blue' they are. I've always adored them, always been great to me. And that's all I thought I would ever know on the entire subject. Until today!

I had my annual evaluation at work a few weeks ago, and my manager wanted me to complete some E-Learning for me to obtain a No7 Mini Badge (a badge that's a visual sign for customer's to let them know you know about No7, even though you may not be a specific beauty advisor). No7 is officially the best selling cosmetic range in the UK (woop woop Boots!), and I was terrified at the challenge: not only do I know NOTHING about make-up etc, but why would anyone go to the 17 year old boy for advice!?!

I've always been afraid of change, I just hate it. I'm very happy with routine, as long as I love it then I could routine for the rest of my life! Replying to every tweet in order, writing post-it notes and lists, it's just who I am. This is (of course) because of the fear of change (and the unknown): why do you change something if it works? Youth is the most powerful of all the change fears, and there's always that chance that the change doesn't work, and terribly backfires. If it's small like this, or big (choosing a Uni), one change can change a life, and that terrifies me. Still, here we are.

Now, the Boots ELearning department is the cutest thing I've ever seen - in fact, Boots in general is just incredible behind the scenes, so much community. (Get random kindness myself from time to time too!)
For this badge I simply had to complete several modules/tests about the brand, and the first one was eyes. No big deal, right?

Wrong. Oh sooo wrong.

My favorite isle to look after is dental, and for pure simple example, there are 3 main overall types of Toothpaste: Overall, Enamel and Whitening. And then every frikin company puts their spin on it. Make-up is a COMPLETELY NEW ball game.

There are around 20 companies all begging for your attention, grabbing you with the slightest change to a original product (e.g mascara), even though they ALL DO THE SAME THING. It's just a cat fight, a whirlwind of trouble. (and of course it's the most fiddly products in the entire world, testers collide everywhere and I don't even have the most basic application experience! One 3rd of the store, nothing!)

I started my learning alone in the back office, utterly anxious, but still really
excited. There's such a big emphasis in Boots on the customer knows what they want, and its all individual (we sell so many variants of items) - everyone has their needs, and different levels of confidence. With my theory complete, I went out in the big bad scary world.

I would never see my colleague's as staff: friends every time (more talk on that another time). I got to the No7 Counter, blurting out facts: I had learnt the differences between the products from the theory (and some nifty new stuff, like how base coats should be applied to eyes too :P), but of course application tips? How would I know? What colours go with what skin tones? How would I know?!? Whats a lash line?! HOW WOULD I KNOW!?!?

Some incredible staff (S/O's Shayla, Laura, Lauren!) helped me through it all, took as much time as I needed. This hands on part isn't part of the course - I asked if I could get help: If I'm going to do something, I'm
going to do it well! It's incredible actually how many looks you can create - ladies, I am telling you know, no man will realise you have done ANYTHING with your eyes unless you make it stand out - look at any women around you, did you even notice they were wearing mascara? No, you didn't men of the world, don't worry, your're not trained ;)

Application is obviously the hardest part for me, as I haven't grown up doing it on myself! As part of a new campaign to semi-relaunch The No7 Make-up (its mainly really effective, love it) 4 women have been photographed in No7 Make up, and we shelf complete how-to guides of how to copy the looks! - destiny, just what I needed! Shayla was my model, and  whilst Lauren did one eye, and then I copied on the other! The eyes skin is so incredible delicate, so I did have some trouble, but I kept going and here's some pics of the look I created (I decided I'd make myne a bit more 'out there' :P)

How to!

Lauren's Eye

 (Involves 4 products)

I really wanted to write this as a simple example of diving in... and trying! Just because it didn't sound great to start with doesn't mean I wasn't going to give it my all, and look at me now! I'm giving makeovers, and I'm even tempted to try out eye colours on myself! xD Life has been incredible to me so far, and I really am so thankful for my feeling of perseverance - just getting things done (properly!) in the long run makes the ride so much more enjoyable, and really shows I've spent my time well. I'm off to Uni soon, and only destiny will tell me how that turns out!

Looks like when they said 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder', they weren't kidding!


P.S My store and work overall have been incredible part of my teenager-hood. When I leave, I'll be writing, don't you worry!

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