Tuesday 31 December 2013

2013: A look back

2013 has been an incredible year: yes, of course there's been downs, but looking back, it has been really perfect. I love life, and I love everything that's come my way. It just leaves me to wonder: will the years ahead be filled with the same?

2013: 10 magical moments

Jan: Birthday Dinner

My birthday is the 31st, and whilst I have so many friend 'groups', the friendships bonded in Primary and Secondary School will last for eternity, as those friends have been to hell and back with me: they know my fears, my dreams, and are always there. I invited them to Eds Dinner for a birthday dinner, which is this really cute american dinner in town which has put so much effort into its branding and also sells proper chunky sweet potato fries, which apart from swede, are my total vegetable crush! The restaurant even had a little jukebox, with the music going through the actual speakers of the whole building (and the money paid went to charity!). All my friends surprised me at the end with a awesome cake, which I really didn't see coming (even though thinking about it, it DOES happen at every birthday, so it shouldn't be surprising!). My 18th is probably the last time we'll all be together probably, and probably as-well it'll be a dinner date if I can't think of something better, which is beside the point anyway: I won't see these people at all when I go to Uni, so, its almost as if its a goodbye. Not for ever of course, but still. Love them all X

Mar: Exam Results
In March I got my first set of Exam Results for my AS Year, and they simply weren't what I was hoping for at all.

Results - (these are final results overall, not in March. In March I had a E in Media)
My media grade was not what I was hoping for at ALL: it was supposed to be what I was going to Uni to do, and this letter told me that what I loved, was actually, not what I was good at! Even so, I remember seeing my media teacher in the corridor and completely breaking down. She took me to one side and told me 'this letter does not define you' - I retook the exam a few months later, and I got a A. I never give up on anything anymore X

Apr: My First Shoot
This shoot only feel's like it was yesterday, the photo's are constantly being circulated by my friends and being complemented: even if I don't ever do a shoot again, I'm very, very happy that I've done one. Steve, who is a incredible photographer (hats off to him for turning into a brand and his career!) asked me on twitter to have a photo shoot. He came to my local town and we shot in a really gorgeous local park, which has a huge lake and is just stunning when all facilities etc are functioning in the summer. One of my friends is great with make-up, and for half of the shots taken had half of my face being one big rainbow: just, incredible! He was very skillful and very knowledgeable about how I should position myself in the frame. You only need to look at the finished products to show the pride he takes in his shots, and I would recommend anyone to hire him. Hopefully one day in the future I can meet him again - it would be a understatement to say that I have ideas for themes!!

May: Lara's Party
The GSA in my first year at college had been such a special part of my life, which I can certainly never imagine not having: to think, if it wasn't for my friend Alice (who is now Co-President with me this year) who said she was going as I was on my way back from giving UP going, I would never have experienced such a inspiring place. Lara was one member of the GSA and invited all of the members along to her house for what was a incredible party in May. Her house was actually stunning in such a cute, seven dwarfs style chic way, filled with some incredible people, who I really saw all together for the last time. It was certainly a drama filled year...but I would never change it.

June: My First Pride
Oh god, THIS is the BEST part of the year. Firsts are always the best, and I will NEVER, EVER forget this. It's become tradition that the last thing the President(s) of the GSA does before passing on the duty's when they go to uni, is organise the whole group to go to London Pride. It was such a beautiful day: the parade had so many companies I now admire even more, and believe me, you will NEVER understand how many society's you can join, which just so happen to be gay only! xD May it have been one man asking me to borrow my sun screen (and never forgetting that complete instant friendship - this was a time when there was no fear from anyone, where you could be and talk to anyone you liked), or us all having fits at getting all the free crap being thrown our way (and a man realising how giddy we were, mocking us in a high pitched voiced saying "FREE SHIT OH MA GOD FREE SHIT!"), I just know it was a place for me. After sitting down to watch the stage, I am just so excited that 2 awesome guys persuaded me to take off my shirt, and then continue to write 'London Pride 2013' (a note to everyone: if someone takes your picture at a pride, ASK where its going - so many pics of my back out there, yet I have no clue where! xD) - after that, I was gone! Snogging up all the men - oh, did I mention I had my FIRST EVER KISS!?!!! I could write down the whole magical event, but its much more fun when I say it out loud, and revive it to you through my eyes <3 Let me tell you now, tongues IS the way to go...and oh god, put your hands on my neck while you kiss me I will be yours forever <3 Gay Pride is a staple of my youth.
and oh yeah, I don't think many can say their first kiss was with a guy with a six pack ;)  heheheheheh

Aug: A surprise video
It really does suck that I don't have time to make videos on my youtube channel - its just that I don't want to put up something, knowing that I haven't put my full effort into it. One of my really big dreams is to save up my money, and hire so many professionals - professional photographer, pianist, cameramen and editors, and make my own cover of a song.

Even so, I was actually very, VERY delighted to find that whilst I was round Alice's house one night, one of her friends was filming us, and actually making a video for her youtube! :)

Sep: Uni Choices
This year for every 17 year old in England, university is the only thing on their mind. When you apply for Uni there are so many steps to go through, and there are actual staff who's job description involves them getting students through the process at my college - not a easy one! I remember in one Student Union meeting Alison who helps with UCAS and made a casual joke to what we were talking about saying "I might be able to help you if everyone submits they're applications before the last day" - and to that, every cackled with laughter! The hardest part is the personal statement, a 4000 word essay where simply you sell yourself (tehe) - why you are best for the course, and what you have done outside of your courses to prove you have a passion. Hmm, I did sped a seriously long time on it (7 drafts?) I might put it up on here! It took me a look time to write this statement, but even longer to single down 5 University I wanted to do Media Studies at. Currently these are the offers I've received from my Uni's

Anglia Ruskin (Harlow) - No reply
Brighton - BBC
Portsmouth - 160 points
Sussex - ABB
Oxford Brookes - BBC

I'm predicted to get ABC, and I'm thinking Brighton is the perfect Uni for me. I've still got to go and have a look, but I dunno, I just have a good feeling about it :) We'll have to see!

Oct: C/W Deadlines
Anybody who followed me on Twitter in October I'm sure will remember this. Coursework is normally completed in the Winter Term, and then January-June is spent focusing on the exam. I had 2 subjects which had Coursework due: a 4000 word essay for English, a controlled assessment essay, another essay AND a 3 minute film for media. I was absolutely lost, and can remember just physically breaking down in the student Union, crying from my absolute terror of simply not knowing what to do! My tweets became increasingly sad, and I really didn't know where to turn. Luckily of course, it's now Winter, and it's all done! I'm a great believer in the Wheel of Fortune, a idea that any person, regardless of being good or bad, will have good and bad moments in life. And look, I waited, and now its over! Glorious, just glorious. To think, all that pain, was just a moment - its gone :) Hmm, maybe I'll put up my essay's on here!

My media teacher asked me one day during coursework how I was feeling and I said "happy, as always!", with him replying that "you cant be happy ALL the time. You cant live up to peoples expectations ALL the time". So yes world, please remember - I do have bad times too. But I always get through them X

Nov: Co-President in Full Swing
In November me and Alice (the other Co-President) were in full swing creating meetings each week for the new GSA. Every year I can vouch for every President everywhere that the biggest fear you have is attracting members - I am so proud (and lucky) to say we have around 7 members who come every week, so we know that the one free we both have each Friday before the lunch meeting where we make the power-point is worth it. And I can also proudly say that I think we've created a real positive image, not only in the college, but also regionally! We had a bake sale for a local LGBT charity, and met up with LGBT representatives not only from local college's, but also the University of Winchester! I have done myself and QMC proud :)
(I am so pumped for London Pride!)

Dec: Presents!
What can I say? It was great! So many awesome presents, as always :) Highlights included a Recipe Book for Uni and some incredible home made Gingerbread cookies from my gorgeous long-time freind Jasmin. And oh, the sales! This was my first time in the sales and I got some incredible stuff, including a top man shirt and fragrance worth £25 for £4! I do have to admit I will have to go and pay for the shirt to be slimmed (slim-fit or nothing for me!), but still, I'm very happy :) I also went round to my Grandma's to have her classic gorgeous home-grown vegetable and pig Christmas dinner, on top of her stunning pavlova (the secret is nuts) which I always forget to get the recipe for.  Next stop, Birthday in January! I'm hoping my wishlist gets some love haha ;)

And also quickly, here's 1  honorable mentions to the list :P - Robyn's Party :) (I would show more but god Blogger has a fit with videos that last longer then 10 seconds)

So, 2013 was incredible, what will 2014 have in store? Gosh, I'll be at Uni! 1 year from now, isn't that crazy? Gosh, what a awesome life I lead :D #LoveLife


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