Tuesday 19 January 2016


I’ve had a wonderful winter break filled with everything last years did: bitching about unimportant things at work, battling with my sister over the money of our mums Christmas present, and plenty of time just laughing with the bezzies. It won’t always be this simple: I can’t believe how lucky I am.

Now I’m back, and very excited as I’m just about to start the module that was one of the main reasons for picking this entire course: work experience! No other course would allow a whole month off (including paying £300 travel expenses) with no other assignments to worry about. It’s all very exciting and grown up: my first commute at peak time! Eep!

I’m working in London at a PR firm called Premier (all very professional, I’ve heard lots of jargon already that’s gone over my head, and the staff talk so casually about traveling around the world for events in areas I could only dream of going). It’s exciting, it’s new, who knows what will come of it?

Anyhow, the reason I’m back on this blog (oh I’m so happy to have an hour each day just to myself with no Wi-Fi, where all I can do is type) is because of another bonus luxury of this module: lunch break. Will (a member of the team I’m on) described me so many places to eat he’s been before today, and it started me pondering. Think about it: I’m a tube away from the centre of London, I have a whole hour each day for the next month to explore new and wonderful things I couldn’t normally.

I hope to have this as part of a mini-series entitled, #LondonLunchBreak. J I’m aiming to do at-least four fun things: a museum, find out about a statue, go to an independent lunch bar or even meet up with a kind face off Grindr who can show me his favourite spot. Anything’s possible!

Today is what inspired me. On one side of the street: easy, predictable, western Subway. On my right, Itsu, somewhere I knew I’d like to eat, but had no clue of the etiquette or how to order. Whilst it’s a mini victory, I had a great detox soup (dumplings, mmmmm) in Itsu, and I’m really excited to see what I’ll uncover next!


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