Thursday 21 January 2016

#LondonLunchBreak - No. 8

For the last few days as I’ve been venturing further out to try new places for lunch (hoping over the weekend to google new places, and actually use the tube!), and every-time I do I walk past this peculiar statue that always catches my eye.

 It doesn’t fit in with its modern and symmetrical surroundings. It’s fat, and lumpy. As you walk round it you see new bumps oozing all over. Its holes give bite-sized glimpses into the world just around the corner, but I feel like that special looking glass could slop and reform, meaning you would constantly have to be on your guard. Does it move when I’m not there?

It turns out that it’s called No. 8, was made by a man called Steven Gontarski. I can’t find out very much about him or the sculpture which stands in a cute mini hipster village of restaurants near Premier, called Central Saint Giles. Even so, what I DO know is that he graduated of the University of London. I feel like I’m part of Brighton now where I go to university, but feel odd this connection has only been made out of 1 and half years there so far, yet it’s so strong. Love that Steven (and London) have made a connection to, and he wants to show he’s proud of being associated with it. What will my mark be on Brighton?

From others comments, there seems to be a feeling that it’s an object which is ‘recognisable but not identifiable’. It’s been linked to clouds, oceans and smoke rings. I wonder what that says about me that I feel its fat, something that sloops and oozes rather then something light and majestic. I have a great image of it standing proudly in conjunction to the mid-day sun which I think makes it look very defiant. It can be looked at in so many ways.

Sat with the great No. 8 for my lunch briefly (so cold!) with some edamame beans I bought from Pod, another great health chain (a trend I really want to see in Brighton!). What will #LondonLunchBreak bring next week?

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