Tuesday 7 August 2018

Top Hydrating drinks for Summer

Everyone loves to bash England, but where else can you have incredible diversity, amazing butter and both blistering snow / scorching heat? Not in Benidorm that’s for sure! The heat is especially wicked this year…but DON’T GRAB THAT COKE! Some liquids encourage water to leave your body, with caffeine being the main culprit!  Whilst it may be a temporary feel-good moment, in the long-run you’ll feel run-down.

Luckily, there are a treasure trove of drinks out there that taste good and feel good. Whilst we may have our forever favourites, I’ve found that it’s the hidden gems that spark my curiosity and stick in my mind. Every retailor has its own unique concoction of options, and so I’ve been inspired; here are my 5 best quirky hydrating brands that deserve your attention this summer! 

Calm and Collected 😌

Water is soooo 2018 years ago; flavored water gives a buzz which makes them the most refreshing of any on this list. Dash Water instantly stood out for having BEAUTIFUL packaging; something I’m actually proud to hold, a work of art which fits my self-identity. Using British spring water alongside wonky fruit and vegetables (which would otherwise go to waste) for flavoring, this stands out as a brand with British values and a unique sharp test I’d encourage anyone to test.

Sibberi Tree Water blew me away at its unique way of flavouring. I’m not sure if this is a common idea in other countries, but Sibberi water…is not water. It’s TREE SAP! Drilling small holes into Bamboo, Maple and Birch trees 5 liters of sap is collected per day, which offers a selection that have 4x less sugar then coconut water! I’ve tried the maple water and I was hooked; it really tastes like maple syrup!

Sadly as with many of these start-up brands, they have not succeeded and Sibberi is no longer updating its social media. Whilst not as delicious, I have found an alternative Maple brand, Drink Maple, which is well worth a try as the taste is really unique and curious.
Punch Packers 😵

Of course water is an instant choice, but why not add some surprise health benefits in too? WOW are the hipsters of the drinks world; I bet many conservative people wouldn’t even dare to try them. With one collection being black from charcoal and another including the power-house of chia seeds (offering a peculiar texture sensation), Wow shows that there is still innovation to be had, wherever you go – Live life in the wow!

And of course, Wellman is known for being your all-in-one vitamin brand and their carbonated drinks include B vitamins, thus not offering the short term boost caffeine does, but instead a normal, slow energy release which reduces fatigue. Getting its sweetness from botanicals such as Ginseng (which naturally have low caffeine levels) this offers the nearest taste-wise to sugary drinks whilst being positive for your body.

Wild Card! 😱

I emailed lots of drinks companies I was wanting to feature simply asking how they would like me to frame discussion. None got back to me (Evian actually replied with a stock text saying they get many requests for ‘sponsorships and partnerships’, clearly not reading my email at all) – but one did. 

And they tick all the boxes.

JustBee is a British start-up inspired by the dwindling numbers of Bees. Using nectar from meadows, gardens and farmland in Britain and Europe, their water is sweetened by a single drop of honey. However, this is not the end of the game – out of all the brands here, this is the one that truly cares about their community. You can request free seeds to encourage wild flowers to grow, and on their website is a template letter you can send to your MP enforcing the danger of harmful pesticides. The drinks themselves are sweet but not heavy, having the instant-hydration feeling of water whilst also being 500ml when many healthy drinks can leave you unsatisfied in smaller portions – making this the clear winner for a hydration kick on this list!


My dissertation is dragging and I was really worried I had missed my window to talk about this topic – but with the sun smiling non-stop, all these drink gems can have a chance to shine! Have you found any special brands of you own?

 Just Bee sent me their drink selection to try, but all thoughts are my own.


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