Tuesday 18 December 2018

Your 2019 Holidays Gift Guide ❄️

Does anyone else find their feelings for the holidays change over time? ðŸŽ„In my childhood, I remember hectic whirlwinds at Grandma’s, full of laughter and subtle nods of support from aunties who saw I wasn't like the masculine surroundings. During university, it was a time of security; going home to the people and the places which never change. Now? A place of true honesty and love. I’m pushing in new traditions (playing Operation / a Boxing Day movie) whilst holding onto one that will never be changed - giving truly, SPECIAL gifts. ðŸ˜Œ

A gift should only be given if it has value - if the recipient makes you, feel valuable. Join me in front of the fire as I share some of my favourite gifts for the trickiest of acquaintances. ðŸŽ

The One that needs a New Tradition ðŸŒŸ 
As with all families, mine isn’t always…functional, lol. The Holidays are no exception. How about starting your own signal that sparks the start of the season, something that gets you all talking before the month even arrives? ðŸŒŒ A movie, gingerbread house or helping your local charity - anything can be special when it becomes a tradition. Scented Pencils from Smiggle offer the perfect way to write letters to your favourite fat man (in the North Pole or just down the road). But for my mum? The John Lewis Bauble Candle. Available in Gingerbread, Fruit Cake, Christmas Pudding and Candy Cane (pictured). I can’t wait to give it to her; I will make sure it’s the first opened gift and must be lit every year before presents are opened. ðŸŽ

The ‘We need an excuse to push us into meeting’ Friend ✌ðŸū
Friendships. When you leave home (and then add your uni home on top), friendships are really difficult. Wanting to meet, and you just can’t. It even makes me paranoid and sad, seeing some just drift away. My advice is to think about who has made you feel wanted (may that of been yesterday or a year ago) and offer them a nudge to show that you’re still thinking of them. ❤️
How about with some simple baking? Brownies in a Jar were adored when I gifted them last year, and this time around I’ll be trying Pusheen Cookies – let's hope they’ll come out just as adorable as the famous feline! ðŸą

The Slut ðŸĪŠ
As we drank spiced cider in the incredible pop-up tent outside the South Bank Centre, I asked friends I’ve kept since-childhood the age-old question…have you ever had themed sex? One friend revelled in utterly disastrous shenanigans with some tinsel, but I was thinking of something a bit more straightforward – SANTA! IM READY! ðŸ˜ŦðŸ’Ķ
What better way to get in his good list than by being a whore? Wait, not just a whore – an independent, local queer whore! Queer Fayre on Instagram is a great start to get connections with lots of artists (who don’t leave you like retailers after pride month), which really helped empower my shopping horizons this season. Cock and Saucer really gets my broodiness across, whilst Fredde Lanka’s butt-pins and ball-baubles are just, well? Iconic. ðŸģ️‍🌈

The Glamazon on the Go 

What do you get the office Secret Santa, or that friend who is just too beautiful to be true?  Mini’s are my go-to this year. They offer both sparkles of personality for any desk, and instant lifts for the most hectic of client meetings. ðŸ’…ðŸ― The Jelly Belly Eau de Toilette Trio and Baubles from Ghost spoke to me as fun ways to instantly offer the glamour feel. ðŸŒđ

You ðŸ™‚
Through the year I do find it hard to treat myself, but with multi-buys galore I always find there’s one left over which will sadly have to come home with me. ðŸĪ·ðŸž‍♀️The Disney Store offers a range of pins which transcends me to that Disneyland life, and I’ve found the Minnie Mouse Doughnut Pin especially encapsulates how special food becomes when you’re on holiday? A reminder I can take wherever I go, that the next adventure is always around the corner…♥️

Happy Holidays everyone! Now where's that sleigh…🎁


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